It’s getting to be that time of year again. It’s time to bring the gas grill out of the shed, hose down the charcoal smoker, and put on the chef’s apron, because it’s barbecue season.

There’s nothing more American than friends and family gathered on a backyard patio, or at the park with a grill sizzling full of hot dogs, hamburgers, BBQ chicken, pork ribs, or T-bone steaks. Can’t you almost smell the sizzle of the grilled meats dripping juices on the flames?  

Who Brought the BBQ Sauce?

Regardless of your business or industry giving cook out and barbecue promotional products to your clients and teammates is a winning combination. Besides you might get invited to the cook out! And yes, you can order your own custom labeled BBQ sauce!

Promotional Products to Get Things Cooking

There are grills galore. Portable grills, camping grills, and full size gas grills for that special customer.

Coolers to cool summertime beverages are available in all sizes and materials from folding coolers to old school metal coolers.

Kits, Mitts, and Spits  

There are grill kits, and grill mitts, and rotating spits.

Aprons can be found in all colors with plenty of room to share your company logo and tagline! There are aprons with pockets and even some with the tools of the trade.

Speaking of tools, there are 3-piece, 5-piece, and 20-piece grill tool sets. They’re manufactured of aluminum, steel, and bamboo. They might include spatulas, bottle openers, tongs, turning forks, knives, and sauce brushes.

How about a folding BBQ multi-tool with your brand all over it?

There are remote wireless thermometers and fork thermometers as well.

Brookstone makes a motorized grill brush, boy I sure could’ve used that a time or two!

There are totes, and backpacks designed to carry everything needed for a successful cook out.

What about picnic baskets for the side dishes? Deviled eggs, salad, and bread, yummy!

And don’t forget folding chairs.

Is it Time to Turn the Meat?

If you’d like some ideas for BBQ advertising specialty products just in time for summer Contact Us, but keep in mind we may ask for an invitation to your next cook out!

Photo Credit:  Unsplash Photos Photo by Vincent Keiman