If I ask you to name a promotional product what would you choose? A pen, T-shirt, ball cap, or flash drive? Those are all great specialty advertising pieces appreciated by customers, prospects, and team members, but promotional products can be more than utilitarian—they can be fun. How can specialty items be fun? That’s a good question, and the answer is when they are in fact…fun and games.

What kind of games?

You name it, and it most likely it can be branded as a specialty item.

Board Games – Seven in one sets, checkers, and backgammon are all waiting for your customers. How about a rosewood cased 300 chip poker set for that special client? Branded desktop football games and air hockey would be a big hit for sports fans. And keep in mind, all these games can have your name emblazoned across them.

Puzzles – Puzzles come in all sizes and shapes such as a Pyramid Puzzle. There are mental blocks, brain teasers, and Rubik’s Cubes, as well as boxed puzzles. It shouldn’t puzzle you what you could give away that your customers would enjoy.

Golf – Calloway has putting cups, golf mats, and nets. There are balls, and towels, and divot tools and more. None of these products will guarantee your client an improved game, but you’ll score big with this swag. It’s a hole in one!

Digital – How about electronic Sudoku or crosswords? There are custom digital games for everyone’s individual tastes.

Indoor Sports Games – Who wouldn’t appreciate and enjoy indoor hoops, Velcro darts, and mini bean bag toss? There are paddle balls, magnetic desk darts, and this may not be a physical game, but I want one—decision dice!

Are you ready to play?

The more important question is, are your customers and prospects ready to play? We think they are, and we have just the game for them. And the best part is the game will carry your name, logo, and call to action. If you’d like to discuss this further, contact us —we’re in the game.

Would you like to see more Fun and Game Promotional Products?