The TKO Graphics employee wellness committee brings healthy living news, ideas, and initiatives to team TKO every month. The wellness team has given away water bottles, Water Bottles and Wellness, promoted smoking cessation programs, Knockout Smoking, promoted weight loss challenges, Thin it to Win it,  and organized wellness walks. For many of these initiatives the employee wellness committee has used wellness promotional products to help bring awareness to the program.

Sharing wellness promotional products with your employees is a great way to shine a spotlight on your wellness program as well as increase participation. Here are just a few ideas on how to use wellness promotional products.


There are fitness guides, food trackers, as well as guides for recognizing a heart attack, completing self-exams, and grocery shopping made easy for the diabetic.

And what about an adult Keep Calm and Cool coloring book? I want one, don’t you?

As flu season peaks, a flu prevention handbook could more than pay for itself.


First aid kits for the home, car, work, and travel. Personally, I want (and need) a stress survival kit. Sun safety kits, cold, flu, and allergy herbal remedies kit — there’s even a pregnancy essentials kit.


You can brand and share resistance bands, hand weights, and all sorts of pedometers. Sportswear, gym bags, and towels are all appreciated. As well as, water bottles, and walk for wellness branded marketing pieces.

Employee Wellness Rocks

And so does the The TKO Wellness committee, and not only because they bring us healthy snacks every month, but because they care. They use their time and energy to support wellness initiatives company-wide and then give away SWAG to support it, and that rocks too! What’s not to like? And when employees like where they work they’re prone to be more productive and less likely to leave.

If you’d like to learn more about wellness promotional products for your organization Contact Us, and if you want a few ideas about wellness promotions we’d be happy to share.

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