If you’re working at an insurance agency, or you’re an agent, you already use promotional products. You may give away pens, refrigerator magnets, or notepads, but you’re using something to promote your brand. All of the specialty products above are excellent marketing materials, but let’s consider a few more.

For the Car

Customers appreciate roadside safety kits, flashing emergency lights, and document pouches, as well as key rings and air fresheners. An ice scraper with a built-in mitten could come in handy and has plenty of space for your logo. The ice scraper may not be much good in Florida, but here in the mid-west they sure come in handy. A windshield sun shade with your logo emblazoned on it would help your customers car stay cool, that’s perfect for warm regions like Florida.

For the Home

Refrigerator mounted calendars are popular. Clips, magnets, and memo holders are useful. How about a basic home repair kit with your contact information? Guides that list emergency responders and their contact information would be welcome in any household. A smoke detector with the agencies name would be seen daily. First aid kits and fire extinguishers are things you hope your customers never need, but if they do—they’ll thank you. Speaking of first aid kits how about giving your customers a pet first aid kit? Kids and moms appreciate night lights. Medication organizers, doctor visit notebooks, and digital thermometers are all available as promotional products.

For the Family

After school safety coloring books, as well as fire safety, and health and safety guides can help families stay informed and prepared. There are adult and child DNA kits that would set you apart in your customer’s eyes. Bicycle safety lights and helmets are great for the kids.

Insure your customers remember you

The best way to stay in your customers mind is to give them products that are useful. Specialty gifts that add to a customers sense of well-being bring happiness. And isn’t that the goal of insurance? If you’d like to talk about products for your agency contact us, we’ll “insure” you get the best products for your needs.