My wife and I just finished watching the first two seasons of the Netflix science fiction series Travelers. The story is about people from the future sending their consciousness back to the 21st century into people as they are about to perish. The mission of the “travelers” is to help humankind.  Today, I’m not talking about that kind of traveler. This post is about promotional products for the business traveler of today. The connection between the TV series and promotional products for the modern traveler is they both can be a big help.

Business travelers may be some of the most important movers and shakers in their industry. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to connect with them by improving their travel experience? Like the travelers from the future why not make it your mission to help others, in this case, business travelers?

It’s in the Bag

One way to help the business traveler is with bags. There are computer backpacks with a detachable briefcase. What about backpacks and carry-on bags that also have built-in chargers? Just imagine a business traveler whose device has lost power plugging in and recharging using your branded bag. Do you think the businessperson would remember your organization favorably? I know I would. The list of bags is nearly endless, sports bags, drawstrings, and totes abound.

Electronic Helpers

And not only electronics but electronic blockers. Do you ever worry when you’re traveling that unscrupulous people might try to steal your identity or track where you are and where you’re not? I’ve taken to having people watch my home when I’m away because there are so many devices and apps sending up a flag saying, “The Clark’s aren’t home.” Would a data blocking phone sleeve make you feel more secure? I know I would, and I believe most business travelers would as well.

Cordless chargers, multifunctional cable chargers, earbud and charger combos, and cord wrap earbud organizers all come in handy when a business traveler is on the road. Whatever you can think of as far as electronic devices or accessories can be branded and given away as business traveler SWAG.

More Promotional Products for the Business Traveler

How about an executive passport wallet or a lighted pen stylus combination, they both would be used and appreciated, wouldn’t they? There are silicone card wallets that attach to phone sleeves, have you ever met someone you wanted to connect with and couldn’t find your business cards? I did last week.

There are hundreds of useful products that are perfect to promote your business while helping the business traveler. If you’d like to view some promotional products for the business traveler check it out. Promotional Products for the Business Traveler

Photo Credit: Photo by laverrue on / CC BY