Is it just me or do others sometimes forget that most health care providers are for-profit businesses? Health care providers are in the business of helping others, of doing good, so it’s easy to forget that they need to market their product. One of the easiest, most effective, and least expensive ways to market any product is with specialty advertising products. There are thousands of promotional products perfect for health care marketing.


My dentist and I have discussed marketing. Our team has looked at his website and offered advice, and I’ve chatted with him about social media. There are items that lend themselves to dental provider promotion such as toothbrushes and floss containers branded with the dentist’s name. How about a tube squeezer? Have you seen one, they’re pretty handy. Could your children use a brushing timer? Containers of mints are always popular. And there are travel kits that include brushes, floss, mints, and more.

Eye Care

The last time I got a new pair of glasses, they gave me a branded maintenance and repair kit with microfiber lens cloth, cleaners, screws, and a tiny screwdriver. I still have it. It still has their name, logo, and contact information front and center. Eyewear retainers (straps), clips, and lighted magnifying glasses are all useful, which is one of the keys to any successful promotional product—will people use and keep the product?

General Practice

Fitness – Pedometers, dumb bells, and stress dumb bells are fun and useful. Branded water and sports bottles are always appreciated.

First Aid – Travel first aid kits, pocket kits, as well as kits for the car, home, and office are great promotional products. And bandages come in all shapes and sizes, and can be printed with your logo.

Health – Thermometers, pill containers, and pill counters are handy. Hand sanitizers, lip balm, and nail care kits make for memorable SWAG, and hot and cold packs can be a lifesaver after a pulled muscle or a cramp.

Are You in the Market?

Marketing for health care providers doesn’t have to be expensive to make an impact. Every time a patient uses your branded toothbrush, microfiber lens cloth, or branded bandage they’re reminded of your team and the service you provide. Seems like pretty good marketing to me. If you you’d to know more contact us. If you’d like to look at a few products check them out here – promotional products

Photo Credit: Unsplash Photo @Rawpixel