I was once told that there are more than ½ million promotional products. Almost any item that a logo can be printed on or print attached to can be used to market your brand. So, any product that you think is fun, any creation that brings you joy could become an advertising specialty product. Here a few promotional products just for fun.


Got a favorite game you and the family play on game night? Mine’s Monopoly … I mean Plainfieldopoly. “Did you play board games as a child? Many families even had (and still do) a game night where the family gathers around the kitchen table playing board games as they share the day’s adventures with each other. I’d wager one of those games you played was Monopoly, am I right? And I’d guess you had your favorite piece; mine was the race car. I’d also bet you had your favorite properties as well. Was it Baltic Avenue, Park Place or somewhere in the middle?” — Let’s Play Plainfieldopoly

Not only did the Plainfield Chamber of Commerce Create a Plainfieldopoly Board Game as a promotional branding and marketing piece, but they also used it as a fundraiser! Brilliant.

And More Games

There are board games, card games, and puzzles. How about dice, tile, or spin the wheel games? You can give away parlor games, educational, and word games. And then there are outdoor games such as, lawn darts, ring toss, and lawn rockets. Promotional products just for fun include balls – footballs, baseballs, soccer balls and more.

There are large and small flying discs. Some come in pouches; others are lit, one’s even attached to a yo-yo. And speaking of yo-yo’s how about a glitter covered, LED lit yo-yo with your logo emblazoned on both sides?

Bubbles and Bears

You can order branded teddy bears and other stuffed plush animals. There are all kinds of bubble dispensers. Last week I was seated outside at a café on North College Avenue, in Indy, when the garden shop employees from across the street blew bubbles from the sidewalk in front of their store into the oncoming traffic. It was something to see.

There are die cut cars and trucks, whistles, and even a holiday shorty stuffed Santa!

Have Fun with Promotional Products Just for Fun

Promotional Products don’t have to be boring. Promotional products just for fun are okay. They’re more than okay. They’re fun. They do need to be something your target audience would appreciate, use, keep, and remember you for. People like to have fun. Fun works for promotionals. Here are a few ideas, Fun Promotional Products.