What promotional products people will absolutely keep at their desk? Think about it. What’s always on your desk? What, if it was missing, would you replace as soon as possible? When you answer that – you have your answer. So, what’s irreplaceable on your desk.

Promotional Products People Will Absolutely Keep at Their Desk


When people think of office and desk accessories, they seldom consider cups, but for those of us who drink warm beverages, a cup is indispensable. “How much coffee does the typical office worker consume each week? Having a cup of coffee or two may be just the thing when you’re trying to grind out a long work day. The average office employee drinks 20 cups a week (1,040 cups per year).” — 23 Jolting Statistics About Coffee Drinkers.  And that’s only coffee it doesn’t count tea, cocoa, or hot cider. So, what are the promotional products people will absolutely keep at their desk? Cups for certain, and if the cup has your logo, people will see it daily.


Yes, everyone and his brother who works in an office uses electronic calendars such as outlook. However, most have paper calendars as well. “In an age of smartphones and the internet, you might think the days of paper calendars are numbered, but data suggest otherwise. Not only have they survived the digital revolution, but sales of some kinds of print calendars have increased.” The New York Times — Paper calendars endure despite digital age. What promotional products will people absolutely keep at their desk? Calendars of all types and sizes. And people don’t care if your logo, tagline, and contact information is on the calendar.

Pads and Pens

Scratch pads and pens are part of every office. They’re on every desk in multiples. I have a drawer with a divider that has at least a dozen pens. However, my desktop has my favorites, and one of those is a branded pen that I see and use every day that I work. As far as pads there are full size, legal, portfolio, and sticky note pads, which all come in handy. No exaggeration I have five … no wait, make that six, on my desk. They’re all branded, and one even has a photo of the team printed on it.

Mouse Stuff

What’s mouse stuff? It’s mouse pads, wireless mouses, mouse holders and more. Show me a desk in America without a mouse and mouse accessories, and I’ll show an office display in a museum from the 1950’s.

There’s More 

There’s more, such as tissue boxes, desk sets with pen and pencil cups, photo caddies, desk magnets, and stationery kits. If you want to make an impact at the office of your client. If you want customers to remember you, and if you want a promotional branded item with your name on it that is used every day by your customer, then think about what’s on your desk because most likely the same product is on your customers desk as well. If you’d like to view some more desk accessory ideas check it out, Office Desk Items.  

Photo Credit: Unsplash Photos Melvin Thambi