The answer is a lot. From the track to the beach and back, summer is prime time for branded specialty items. It’s the best time of year to let your hair down and have some fun in the sun; it’s a time to enjoy life to the fullest. Promotional products that customers, clients, and prospects find useful can be a positive part of the season. Isn’t that how you’d like your business to be remembered—fun and useful?

At the Beach

Products made for the beach and water sports proliferate. Branded beach towels, sunscreen, and a bucket of toy tools for building sand castles are all appreciated. People use and enjoy water floats: arm bands, pillows, and floating can holders. Hats in all shapes and sizes and bandannas protect your customers from the sun glaring off the water. And my favorite, flip flops with your logo embossed on the sole leaving your brand in the sand up and down the beach—you gotta love it.

At the Golf Outing

Bags and balls and tees and towels, and divot tools and… Need I ramble on? All can be branded for your use. There are branded golf shirts and sports apparel designed to wick the moisture from the garment. You can offer branded umbrellas, event flags, and sunglasses in hundreds of shapes and sizes.

At the Cook Out

Summer is the traditional time for dad to get out his apron (branded of course) and fire up the grill. He’ll need spatulas, forks, and scrapers all with your call to action on the handle. Grilling stones, cedar planks, and hot dog prongs will be used over and over again. How about a meat thermometer or better yet a logoed fabric grill cover?

This Summer will be a Scorcher

There are coolers, koozies, and flavored freezer pop treats. Car window sun shades emblazoned with you organizations name and contact info could be seen in parking lots all over town. Cooling spray bottles with battery operated fans, beach balls, and dancing kites will be used and remembered. If any of these products used by your customers was a promotional item from your business, you’ll be remembered all summer…and that’s hot.