I don’t wear a wristwatch. I have several in a wooden box in a cabinet by my work desk at home. None of them are functioning. I suppose most only need a new battery. My father recently purchased a new watch, but he’s 85- years-old and has always worn a watch.

I’ve begun noticing young people at work wearing watches, not Fitbit’s or an Apple watch (which isn’t a watch) but watches. Why when phones flash the time on their little screens day and night would anyone want or need a watch? Here’s why.

Why Wear a Watch?

Watch sales may have declined over the last few years, but they continue to sell at a rate of 1.2 billion per year. That’s a lot of wristwatches. Here’s why sales continue to stay in the billions.

They’re Convenient

You don’t have to dig in your purse, pocket, or backpack to search for your phone just to find out what time it is. Simply turn your wrist and there’s the time.

They’re Hands-Free

Remember that time you were pushing the baby stroller, on the way to a doctor’s appointment, while carrying a fountain drink in your left hand and reaching for your phone in the diaper bag with your right proceeded to spill your cold drink all over your right leg and the babies blanket. Yea that happened. It wouldn’t have with a watch.

They can be a Fashion Statement

Watches are not only a fashion accessory they’re a statement. What’s the statement? It depends on the watch, but it can be professional, sporty, Avant-garde, or fun. What message do you want to send?

They’re more Courteous than Phones

Watches are courteous. Let’s face it, it might be acceptable to constantly look at one’s phone while interacting with others, but it’s rude. It shows a lack of consideration. Yes, staring at your watch can be impolite as well; raising one’s arm and deliberately gazing at your wristwatch says I’m ready for this to be over. However, a quick clandestine glance isn’t like pulling your phone out for all to see.

What’s on the Market?

They are thousands of watches available as promotional products. They can be used by organizations to mark individual milestones, promote initiatives, or market a product.

Seiko, Bulova, Citizen, Caravelle, Pulsar and more are available.  There are two-tone solar, stainless steel diamond, and eco drive combinations. Quartz, crystal, and gold tone are all waiting for a wrist. There are sports, corporate, and gift sets with interchangeable straps for her and him. Precision, perpetual chronographs come with lighted dials that are round, rectangular, oblong, or square, and dials can be white, blue, black, pink, or?

There’s a Time and a Place for every Watch

If you’d like to get a few ideas about watches your organization can share as recognition awards or advertising specialties, take some “time” and check this out — Promotional Watches.

Photo Credit: Unsplash Photos Photo by Mitch Lensink