My wife’s skin tone may best be described as clear. Not long ago she submitted her DNA for genetic testing; she’s more than 90 Nordic. She describes herself as a Viking. Her hair is a dark red (with some gray), and she has more freckles than a polka dotted scarf has dots. She sunburns easily. She doesn’t go anywhere without sunscreen, and sometimes it’s promotional sunscreen.

Do You Burn in the Sun?

Do you use sunscreen? A lot of your customers do. Think about it. You can offer your customers, potential customers, and employees a branded sunscreen with your name, logo, and contact information emblazoned on the label. Not only that, but you can choose from hundreds of available styles, sizes, and types of sunscreen.

Say it and Spray it

There are spray-on bottles, pens, and clipper pens. How about a clip-on, take-along spray that attaches to a backpack? I want that, don’t you?

Two for One

How about duos? There are duo bottles of 30 SPF and 15 SPF, lip balm and sunscreen, sunscreen and insect repellent, zinc blockers and sunscreen, as well as tropical scents with UV protection.

Kits for Every Occasion

There are kits for every summer purpose: golf kits, beach kits, and carabiners to add to the picnic basket. How about a compact mini sun kit or a full-size sun bag?

…and more

Hands-free sunscreen, gel, collapsible bottles, softlips cubes, and packets small and large would all be appreciated by your customers.

Every time your client reaches for the sunscreen, there’s your name printed across the tube, bottle, or sprayer.

Put Your Marketing to Good Use

The best promotional products are useful and therefore kept. You won’t find any more useful advertising specialty products this summer than branded sunscreen.

Sunscreen protects people from the harmful rays of the sun. Overexposure to the sun can and will adversely affect health. Whether your business is HVAC or health care, sharing sunscreen is a positive way to promote your business. If you’d like to learn more, Contact Us. We won’t “block” your efforts

Would you like to look at five or six pages of sunscreen examples? Click here, Promotional Sunscreen.

Unsplash Photos Photo by Jonny Clow