I’m from Indianapolis. I live in Speedway, Indiana. I’m a racing fan. I hear practicing NASCAR and Indy Car racers from my backyard. I’m within walking distance of the track. The month of May is and always has been a holiday for me. I attended my first Indy 500 in the late 60’s. I watched my Indiana drivers Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart win the Brickyard. I’ve been to a lot of races. Is your company involved in a racing event this year? If so, I can suggest a few promotional products race fans will appreciate.

What Specialty Products do Gearheads want?

Gearhead, is an affectionate term for racing fans. These fanatics will wait hours in traffic, coming and going, stay the night before, and endure four hours of intense sun, cold rain, and uncomfortable bleachers to watch their driver. Anything that helps them do this will be used and appreciated.

  • Sunscreen – Branded tubes of SPF rated UV blocking lotion will be used and shared.
  • Koozies – Can’t have enough. Someone is always looking for one.
  • Sunglasses – On sunny southern summer days it’s hard to see the track through the glare.
  • Coolers – No self-respecting fan will sit in the bleachers without his cooler of water and adult beverages. Be sure to check the size limitations of the track before investing in branded coolers.
  • Seat cushions – Have you ever sat on hot aluminum benches for hours at a time? Enough said.
  • Reusable Balloon topped ground pole – This is a new one for me, but I want it. Just tell your tailgating friends to look for the two red balloons eight feet in the air.
  • Ear Plugs – My wife never leaves home without them. Do you think it’s me she wants to muffle?
  • Binoculars – The only way to see the entire track up close and personal.
  • Wet naps – I can’t tell you the number of times these have come in handy.
  • Apparel – Most fans will have their team apparel. Their number 88 hats, 24 racing shirts, and number 14 T’s, but they may need—bandanas, visors, socks, flip-flops, bags, earrings, and yes even underwear.

Are you Ready for the Fast Lane?

If your organization is involved in a racing event, if your city hosts a major race, or if you’re a gearhead yourself then get in the fast lane. Offer promotional products that race fans will need, want, and use. If you’d like to discuss this further, we’d be happy to put you on the right “track”  Contact Us