According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics the average American spends a little more than one hour per day eating or drinking; seven hours a week, 365 hours every year. That’s a lot of time. It’s time that customers, prospects, and employees could spend enjoying the fruits of your promotional labor. For your next promotional give-away—you could give them—food!

What Food Should you Consider?

Some of the decision will depend on your target audience. For example, a product targeted for a wellness program or outdoor event, might include water, electrolyte replacement drinks, or protein bars. Some of the decision may depend on the season. Such as smoked turkey, nuts, or a cheese covered cutting board for the holidays: BBQ sauces for the summer, hot cocoa for autumn, candy for Halloween, and chocolate bunnies for spring.

There’s a lot of choose from

Cookies and candy, jars of M&M’S, and flavored popcorn by the tin. There are Lollypops and jelly beans and chocolate. Did I say chocolate? Chocolate coins, assorted Hershey mini-bars, and gourmet boxes of chocolate covered truffles. There are wooden boxes of cashews, jars of almonds, and bags of ballpark peanuts all waiting for your name and logo.

We all spend a lot of time eating, drinking, and snacking. Don’t tell our wellness committee…but the marketing team has a secret stash of snacks. Every time I go to our foodie hiding place and grab a snack it puts me in a great frame of mind. Food is love! Who isn’t excited to see a box of treats delivered to the workplace? Everyone gathers round and examines the delicious contents, and is there any better way for an organization to be remembered?

If you’d like ideas for specialty snacks that fit your needs and fill your customer’s bellies—we can give you some  food for thought. Give us a call 1-888-544-8081.