In America, we celebrate summer holidays, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and the official opening of summer, Memorial Day. Don’t forget Cinco de Mayo as well as the last beams of summer sun in September, Labor Day. But the king of summer celebrations is Independence Day, the 4th of July. The day our ancestors shouted their freedom from tyranny and threw off their chains, July 4th, 1776. What better way to share the celebration than with 4th of July promotional products.

Today we celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks, cook outs, picnics, concerts, and parades. Some are private parties, others are traditional family gatherings, municipal displays, and still others are sponsored by businesses. Regardless, there’s plenty to do on Independence Day.

Whether you’re planning a neighborhood party, in charge of a city parade, or just want to show your spirit at the office, there are hundreds of red, white, and blue advertising specialty products to add fun and flavor to your event.

At the Party

How about red, white, and blue festive decorations with your special message, such as, “Clark Family Cookout Independence Day 2017!”  or “The 10th Annual Main Street 4th of July Celebration”. There are balloons, table clothes, napkins, and paper plates. As well as drinkware, koozies, and party favors. Add some stickers for the kids and buttons for the big people, and you’re all set.

At the Office

Show your pride with the grand ole red, white, and blue. There are pens wrapped in the American flag, post it notes, and even red, white, and blue stress balls. You can order key chains, cups, and apparel such as, T-shirts, golf shirts, caps, or patriotic flip flops!

At the Parade, Picnic, or Beach

We celebrate the 4th of July outdoors. Americans flock to parks for picnics, cities for parades, and ballparks for fireworks. We spend the majority of the day outdoors. How about sharing branded red, white, and blue sunglasses or a beach ball? A  Frisbee with an American eagle soaring through the air would be a popular gift as well as bags, chairs, and blankets. Wouldn’t a beach umbrella be great, and how about a cooler for all those cold drinks on a hot day in July?

Use Your Imagination on Independence Day

Whether it’s a parade, fireworks, or the office picnic the only limit to 4th of July promotional products is your imagination. There are hundreds of products which can be embossed with symbols of America or printed red, white, and blue and then branded to your organization. Contact Us, we’ll be happy to help you wave the flag!

Here are a few July 4th ideas to get you started. 4th of July Promotional Products 

Photo credit: kevin dooley via / CC BY