Refrigerator magnets, we all have them, don’t we? How many do have on your fridge right now? I have at least a dozen on my fridge at home, three on the front and nine or more on the side next to the cabinets.

A Dozen or More

Of the magnets there are three lists, one is groceries, another is pharmaceuticals, and the third is general. There’s an Indiana State Police emergency numbers magnet, next to a Colts season schedule.

I have a magnet from TKO with important numbers such as our weather hotline and next to it is a cat paw (we love cats), and next to that is our veterinarian’s card.

We have three magnetic clips holding coupons, and a few more clips holding appointments and reminders. We like magnets. I might have left out a few.

How Can Your Organization Use Refrigerator Magnets?   

I think we’ve established people like refrigerator magnets; it’s not only me, is it? So, how can your business use fridge magnets to their max?

School sports – share the schedule. For example, if it’s football season print the schedule on a magnetic football.

Real estate agency – share contact information on a house shaped magnet.

Local small business—add your name, contact, and logo to a 12-month magnetic calendar.

Health care provider – put contact numbers on a dry erase memo pad that has plenty of room to list appointment reminders.

Insurance agency—instead of traditional paper business cards that end up at the bottom of the junk drawer, hand out magnetic business cards.

Grocery – easy peasy a magnetic dry erase shopping list.

Honor student – is your scholar an honor student? If so get a 12 x 6 honor student magnetic bumper sticker.

New business – order large magnetic signs to place on the doors of your vehicles.

There are oval, square, rectangular, circular, and triangular magnets. The other day I saw a magnetic puzzle!

Refrigerator Magnets are Attractive!

Refrigerator and vehicle magnets can be used to help people remember important information, make their lives easier, and be better organized. And at the same time, they can be used to promote your business. If you’d like to know more about magnets for your business, Contact Us. If you’d like to check a few out, click here, but be forewarned they do pull you in.

Photo by elycefeliz on / CC BY-NC-ND