A rip card is traditionally a 3.5” x 8.5” rack card with perforations 2” from the bottom; however it could be designed to fit the needs of any customer and project. The idea is simple. The perforated section may be “ripped off” to share information thus completing a dual purpose—promote and share.

How can they be used?

Rip cards can be used to promote any business. The perforated section can be used as a business card, coupon, or special offer. For example, charities can use the rip for donor calls to action, even listing the levels of contribution. Rip cards are an effective way to share QR codes, social media icons, and helpful URL’s.

Rip cards excel as rack cards, brochures, and direct mail pieces. They can be placed in newsprint supplements as advertising, used as door hangers, and added to product order forms. They’re useful in many forms.

Who can use Rip Cards?

It’s hard to think of anyone who couldn’t use rip cards. Restaurants with special offers, for example, a pizza home delivery with future discounts. Nearly any service industry can find a use for these flexible marketing pieces. HVAC companies reminding customers of recommended service dates, attorneys listing contact info as well as plumbers, insurance carriers, and real estate agents. Dealerships of any kind, from equipment rental to automotive, use rip cards in multiple ways. Financial institutes, clubs, and not-for-profit organizations all profit from rip cars. Like I said, who can’t use this small but mighty advertising piece?

Why use Rip Cards?

They’re relatively inexpensive and very effective. There aren’t a lot of advertising materials that can kill two birds with one stone. A rip card can combine a new product introduction with a call to action, an about page with a representative’s business card, or a charitable initiative with a donor pledge. It may be the most accommodating collateral print marketing piece of all.

How would you use Rip Cards?

Do you have a few ideas? Would you hang rip cards on doors, mail them, or hand them out at a trade show? Would you print your business card, a special offer, or QR code on the rip? There are hundreds of uses for rip cards. If you’d like a few ideas contact us we, won’t “RIP” you off.