Before I answer whether your business should giveaway automotive promotional products let’s do some math. “272.48 million vehicles were registered in the United States in 2017.” — Statista. There are more than 196 million licensed drivers in America, number of licensed drivers. So, how many of those 196 million drivers are potential customers for your service or product? How many vehicles do your current customers own? Do they have a fleet of vehicles, company cars, trucks, and drivers?

The answer to the question of whether your business should giveaway automotive promotional products is yes. And it doesn’t matter if your business is aligned with the automotive industry because prospects and customers will use, appreciate, and remember you for giving them automotive SWAG.

Americans Spend A lot of Time in Their Vehicles

Americans not only like cars and trucks but they spend a significant  amount of time in their vehicles.  According to The Atlantic, “American drivers spend 38 hours a year — stuck in traffic.” Across the United States, people spend an average of 18.5 hours per week in vehicles. That is nine-hundred-and-sixty-two hours per year behind the wheel or as a passenger. Here’s some more math, that’s nearly six weeks in a car or truck. Six weeks.

The Auto Industry, Promotional Products, and all Businesses

Without a doubt, transportation-related businesses should offer branded specialty automotive items. But couldn’t any business? While it certainly makes sense for Automobile Dealership to provide branded floor mats, couldn’t any business give them away? The customer will see your logo on the floor mats two to three hours per day. Key chains, tool packs, polishes and waxes, all make a positive and lasting impression; as do ice scrapers, cell phone chargers, and document folders. Then there are promotional items that may be seen by thousands, daily, such as license plates frames, bumper stickers, and branded add-on equipment.

Americans Spend a lot of Money on Their Vehicles

“The average owner of a sedan has to shell out nearly $10,000 a year to own and operate that car, according to auto club AAA. A new AAA reports shows, on average, the cost of driving 15,000 miles a year rose 1.17 cents to 60.8 cents per mile, or $9,122 per year. Overall, that’s a roughly 2% increase on the cost of operating a car last year.” —  USA Today.

So, Should You Giveaway Automotive Promotional Products? 

Here’s my point, Americans love their vehicles. We invest time and money in them. We cherish them. Some of us even name them as if they were a pet or a child. We love our rides, don’t you? So, why wouldn’t every business, not just the transportation industry and related businesses, giveaway automotive promotional products? That’s a good question.

If you’d like to “drive” more business to your brand, you can’t go wrong with automotive SWAG.

Here are a few ideas Check This Out. So, if you want to connect with your target audience – gentleman start your engines!

And, keep in mind it’s important to send the right message with effective copy, Don’t Forget the Content on Promotional Print.