Banks and other financial institutes are famous for supporting the communities in which they do business. They sponsor golf outings and promote charitable initiatives. And they share branded promotional products with their clients. There are thousands of advertising specialty products designed for banks, and there are thousands of traditional products from pens to caps that can be made to fit a financial institutes brand and needs. Here are a few of our favorite promotional products for financial institutes

Promotional Products for Financial Institutes that don’t Break the Bank 

Banks – There are piggy banks designed to teach children about savings and others designed for adults to enjoy. Fuzzy teddy bear banks are available in black, white, or brown. There are basketball, baseball, football, and soccer banks. You can give away cash cubes, electronic banks that count change and keep a running total, and a world globe bank.

Keeping Count – Do your customers travel? How about giving them a branded an international currency calculator? I know there have been times that would’ve come in handy for me. There are leather money clips and engraved checkbook covers. Here’s something else I want, a counterfeit money pen. A bank can even hand out $. Dollar signs that is. Dollar sign pens, pencils, stress relievers, and more. And how about a nice array of coin purses, wouldn’t they be popular?

Education – Not only are there piggy banks designed to teach and encourage children to save there are coloring and activity books that educate about finances with a crayon box that looks like a dollar bill. Monthly planners for investors would appeal to those who have funds to manage. Sounds like a good match.

Branding the Bank with Fun and Useful SWAG

The beauty of all of these promotional products for financial institutes is that every single one can be printed with the name of your bank, tag line, and logo. Some advertising specialty products are kept for years by your customers and they remember where they received the product. If you’d like to know more about promotional products for financial institutions contact us. We promise not to…break the bank!

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