It’s March and spring is in there air, it’s almost time to open every window in the home or business and let the fresh air push out the dust and odors of a long winter. It’s spring cleaning time, time to clean the windows, shampoo the rugs, and deep clean all the nooks and crannies. And it’s the perfect time for spring cleaning promotional products.

Keep it Clean with Spring Cleaning Promotional Products

It’s spring cleaning time and there are cleaning promotional products that are useful and fun for any organization to give away but especially janitorial and cleaning services. Here are a few ideas.


There are utility brushes, computer brushes, lint brushes, frizzy hand dusters, and brushes in almost any size and shape. You can brand all of these brushes with your company logo, tagline, contact information and more.


Hand towels, microfiber cloths, and finger dusters. There are cotton and  linen shams as well as cleaning cloths from large to small and all are ready to share your brand.


Is a bucket on your promotional product list? Should it be? People keep buckets for a long time, don’t you? There are plastic buckets and galvanized steel from seven ounces to gallons. The bigger the bucket, the louder your message printed on its surface is. And not only buckets but  there are window squeegees, mini brooms with dustpans, and sponges –  biodegradable cellulose sponges. All ready to help with spring cleaning and at the same time build your brand.

Spring into it

Whether you’re cleaning your home or your business this spring everyone needs brushes, buckets, towels, and sponges. The most appreciated advertising specialty products are the ones that are the most useful, and we can’t think of many other more products that will come in as handy this spring as promotional spring cleaning products.

If you’d like to learn more about the products that are available for spring cleaning and beyond be sure to Contact Us. We’ll help you make a clean sweep with your SWAG!

Photo Credit: Author: klimkin ID: bb4b3ecb9f2a41465e Provider: Pixabay