When you think of holidays and promotional products, most people think of Christmas. Promotional holiday cards, gifts of food and useful items are given and received by most businesses. Would you like to stand out? We’re not saying not to share swag at Christmas, of course we’re not, we’re suggesting by adding Easter to your specialty advertising campaign you can stand heads and rabbit tails above your completion. What can you give away?

Easter Specialty Products

Plush stuffed animals – There are bunnies galore in all sizes and colors, pandas, duckies, and even a manatee. We’re uncertain what a manatee has to do with Easter, but it sure looks soft and cuddly.

Easter baskets – You can order empty baskets or fill them to your hearts delight with chocolate bunnies, candy Easter eggs, and any promotional gift you’d like to share.

Just for fun – There are squeezable stress bunnies, and Easter egg stress balls. You can send tins filled with brownies or gourmet spring time Carmel apples. There are even plush pink bunnies stuffed inside an egg.

Cards – Yes, there are Easter cards. They range from fun cards sent by the Easter bunny to religious quotes sharing the holy occasion. It’s up to you.

Stand out this Easter

Sharing gifts during Christmas time is expected. However, you and your organization may get lost in the mass offerings of specialty products during the winter holidays. Easter is a time you and your team can stand out from the crowd. The Easter card, basket, or bunny you send may be the only item a company receives during this cherished holiday. We can’t think of a better way to be remembered—can you?  If you’d like to know more about promotional products especially designed for Easter contact us, we’ll “hop” right to it. Happy Easter.


Photo by Dennis Wong / CC BY-SA