Does your business use promotional products in their marketing campaigns? If so, what advertising specialty products do you most often hand out? Whatever you give away, ask yourself this, is it something people will appreciate? Because, if you’re unsure, why not give away something that you know people will keep and use. Because when you do, they’ll remember you for giving it to them. So, are you giving away the same items as your competitors? Is it time to try something new and different like branded scarfs?

How Many Scarfs Do You Own?

I have three scarfs I wear most of the winter. Because back home in Indiana, it gets cold. My favorite is a super long multi-colored scarf that my wife knitted for me several years ago. My everyday scarf is fleece. It’s navy blue with a white stripe at both ends with the name of the company stitched just above the stripe. I’ve had the scarf for more than five years and for five years I’ve been pleasantly reminded of the company that gave it to me.

Hundreds to Choose From

Scarfs come in hundreds of colors and styles. There are fleece, knit, and chiffon scarves. Some scarfs are one color, others are available in multiple hues, and there’s even plaid. You can add your logo and brand to headscarves, neck-warmers, and cooling scarves.

Scarfs also are offered as part of a set with hats and gloves. Here’s one I like, Item # HUJVF-LNFII, “The kit includes imprinted knit hat, imprinted knit scarf, a pair of touchscreen gloves, packed in an accessory bag. One size fits most. On gloves – conductive fingertips provide universal touch screen compatibility. All items are packed into an accessory bag.” —  TKO Marketing Solutions Scarfs.

Over, Under, and Through

So, this may be slightly off topic, but a few years ago I observed a friend, who always wears a scarf in the winter, put his scarf around his neck. He proceeded to fold it over, under, around, and through, exactly like a half Windsor knot on a tie. How to tie a half Windsor knot.  His scarf looked great. It was easy to to do. It works, and it’s a great way to keep your scarf snug around your neck! You should try it because I think you’ll like it!

If you’d like to know more about branded scarfs, Contact Us. Here are a few to view, Promotional Scarfs, they’re ready to be scarfed up by you.

Unsplash Photos: Kelly Sikkema