“Take me out to the ballgame
Take me out with the crowd
Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks
I don’t care if I never get back
Let me root, root, root
For the home team
If they don’t win it’s a shame.
For it’s one,
Three strikes you’re out
At the old ball game”

It’s mid-summer, the sun is beating down on the brims of ball caps, the smell of fresh cut grass, the aroma of hot dogs, and the words “batter up” float across the ball diamond. It’s time for some ball. Baseball and softball, little league, mixed adult leagues, and our favorite professional teams have taken to the bases. What could be better than baseball inspired promotional products? There are hundreds of specialty products suited to the ballpark. Branded caps, bats, and balls fit the mood of the crowd as they chant, “Hey batter-batter, hey batter-batter.”


Genuine leather baseballs and softballs branded with your company logo and team name. Beach balls that look like baseballs, white baseball backpacks and drawstring bags with printed red lace stitching. Baseball pens, pencils, stress relieving squeeze balls, key chains, and can covering koozies are available in baseball motif.


Stadium cushions that look like giant flat baseballs and umbrellas supporting your team are a big “hit.” Thirteen-inch foam mitts held high with Go Reds, Tigers, or Cardinals, sports bottles, and sunscreen printed with team and sponsorship information are a summer ball “home run.”

Ball Clothes

Embroidered cotton ball caps, tagless baseball tees, and team jerseys make for a “winning” combination. T-shirts, jackets, and caps in support of the team fill the bleachers. These promotional items are the perfect “pitch” for your company.

It’s a “Full Count!”

When the hot dogs are sizzling on the grill, and the PBR is chilling in a branded cooler, it must be time to play ball. Your organization can hit a “grand slam” with branded baseball specialty products. If you’d like to learn more about products for your team or sponsorship, toss us the ball, we won’t let you “strike out!”