The Basecamp growler is an exceptional product, one any organization would be proud to put their name on. It’s a 64-ounce vacuum insulated growler designed to keep cold beverages chilled for 24 hours and hot drinks up to 12 hours. That’s amazing. Double walled with stainless steel, and then finished with a copper lining it is BPA free. The powder coated finish is attractive and long-lasting. Your customers will not only appreciate this item, but they’ll also use it every day. That’s every single day with your name front and center. However, there’s a more significant reason to use the Basecamp growler as an advertising specialty product. It’s because Dan Nevins has a dream.

Dan Nevins has a Dream

Dan Nevins is a veteran. He served in the first gulf war. On November 10th, 2004 Dan lost his legs. During his rehabilitation, he discovered there was more to coming back from his injury than physical therapy. Dan learned that he also had an invisible disability, an emotional disability. He longed to be happy again. He wanted to have fun, fish, play golf, and boat. Things he’d always loved. He wanted to heal emotionally through meditation and yoga. He wanted responsibility such as caring for animals. Because Dan wanted to heal his body and his mind.

Yes, Dan Nevins has a dream, and his dream is a retreat for veterans – the Warrior Spirit Retreat. Dan has found a property that fits the needs of returning veterans, and although he’s put every cent of what he has into it – it’s not enough. And this is where Basecamp comes in. A contribution will be made to the Warrior Spirit Retreat for every Basecamp growler purchased. Dan explains this much better in this two-minute video, Warrior Spirit Retreat.

A Can-Do Attitude 

“Basecamp Brand Ambassador since 2017, embodies the Basecamp spirit of living BOLD. A highly decorated soldier, Dan was severely injured during combat in Iraq in 2004 after an improvised explosive device (IED) detonated beneath his vehicle. He lost both legs below the knee, and lives with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and the emotional wounds of war. Dan credits Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) with his successful rehabilitation. Which instilled a “can-do” attitude, positive outlook and passion for helping his fellow wounded warriors in him. He quickly became an advocate for the organization, inspiring both his peers and the public to create positive change for themselves and those around them, simply by sharing his powerful story.

Dan’s adventures have taken him around the world; from climbing Uhuru Peak in Tanzania to teaching yoga at the White House, Dan continues to share his bold life with audiences around the world. Dan’s current project is the development of the Warrior Spirit Retreat, A Place Where Warriors Learn To Heal. Proceeds from 2018 sales of Basecamp items resulted in a donation of over $100,000 to the Warrior Spirit Retreat fund! A portion of the proceeds of all sales from Basecamp items in 2019 will be donated to fund the Warrior Spirit Retreat. To contribute to the Warrior Spirit Retreat fund, please visit January 2018, “Proceeds from 2017 sales of Basecamp items resulted in a donation of over $100,000 to the Warrior Spirit Retreat fund!” — Dan Nevins Basecamp Brand Ambassador

It’s a Win-Win 

Ordering the Basecamp Growler for gifts, trade show SWAG, or employee recognition is a win-win. I know the term win-win is used almost indiscriminately and usually when talking about two sides of an issue, but this is the perfect win-win. You and your customers receive a fantastic product that everyone can use, and our veterans have a chance to heal emotionally. Does it get any better than that?

If you’d like Basecamp Growlers for your business and to help Dan reach his dream we’d be happy to help, Contact Us.