The truth is, the future of website design is—there will be no website design. Within 20 years website technology may be obsolete with wearable tech or even nanobots transmitting information directly to the human nervous system. Websites may be designed by AI (Artificial Intelligence), not humans. Websites may exist but will be considered obsolete much like FAX machines are today.

What’s next with websites?

The progression is clear to see. Current trends favor mobile applications, responsive design, and segmentation. With the convergence of social media geo location, and data retrieval, the website of the future will appear different to every visitor.

Just for You!

Websites will use data, location, and analytics to segment web design to the individual. Websites will no longer be one size fits all, but will defer to user preferences. Conversion and bounce rates will be analyzed to present a landing page designed for individual users. What any one person finds on a web page will not be what every visitor sees.

Websites will become contextual

With the convergence of information available through social media, data base management systems, and pattern recognition, web design will morph into singular sites presented in formats geared to individual preferences.

Websites of the future will be predictive

Future websites will use analytics and predictive calculations to surmise the interests of visitors the nano-second they log on and present them with content of interest.

Websites of the future will be interactive

Today, the majority of website design is stagnant and unresponsive. Most sites include contact information, some offer live chats, but the website of tomorrow will initiate conversation by connecting with visitors at their level. Language and idioms will be utilized not only interests.

The website of the future will predict problems and offer solutions

Large numbers of internet users today log on for answers. They want problems solved. How many minutes to cook a ham, what does the clanking noise in my 2015 Mustang GT mean when I start it, and why is my chimney leaking water when it rains? The future website will not only solve these problem it will predict them. It will know you bought a 9-pound ham, own a 2015 Mustang GT, and have a 22-year-old chimney. It will offer solutions to your problems before you ask.

What does the future website look like?

It looks different to every visitor. If you prefer video, it will begin with video. Never open video links? None will appear. Own a 2015 Mustang GT? It will warn you about possible concerns. The future website will fit you and your needs. Eventually, there will be no such thing as a website. People will look back nostalgically and remember when. In the meantime if you’re a web designer you may consider learning a new trade.