Every business, organization, and association uses promotional products. Think I’m exaggerating? Look around your office. You’ll find promotional pens, calendars, and cups. Co-workers may be wearing branded apparel—shirts and ball caps. You more than likely own specialty products from other organizations; I can see three at my desk. So, if everyone uses promotional products who uses them the most? Here are the top ten industries as compiled by PPAI Louisiana State University and Glenrich Business Study.

Who Uses Promotional Products?

  1. Education: Schools and Seminars. Here are a few ideas. Back-to-School Promotional Products
  2. Financial: Banks, Savings and Loan Companies, Credit Unions, Stock Brokers
  3. Health Care: Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Clinics. Here are a few healthy choices. Healthcare awareness products
  4. Not-for-Profit Organizations
  5. Construction: Building Trades and Building Material Suppliers
  6. Government: Public Offices, Agencies, and Political Candidates
  7. Trade, Professional Associations, and Civic Clubs
  8. Real Estate: Agents, Title Companies, and Appraisers
  9. Automotive: Manufacturers, Dealers, and Parts Suppliers. Here are a few examples of automotive promotional ideas
  10. Professional: Doctors, Lawyers, CPAs, Architects, etc. Executive gifts go a long way.

*Industries were ranked by distributors according to the volume spent on promotional products by each industry

Is your Organization in the Mix?

The top ten industries using promotional products is an impressive list. This group helps make the Specialty Advertising Industry a 15 billion dollar annual business in the USA, but they’re only part of it. It would be nearly impossible to name an industry or charity that wouldn’t profit from using promotional products. Many underutilize branded specialty merchandise. There’s nothing wrong with branded apparel, pens, calendars, and Christmas cards, but there are a lot more opportunities for organizations to put their name in front of customers, prospects, employees, volunteers, and donors. Are you taking advantage of all the possibilities? If you’d like to learn more contact us, we’ll tell you our top ten products for your business, club, or charity.