You’ve heard others talk about how effective promotional products have been for them. You’ve seen branded specialty items used at trade shows and events. You’ve used a few products, but what are the facts? What products give your business the biggest bang for the buck? What are the top ten promotional products?

Although some promotional products are industry-specific, there are tried and true items that will bring results for almost any business or organization. The next question is — how do you judge results? In marketing, impressions (how many people see the advertisement) are the standard — and for good reason. The product must be seen to be sold. But the bottom line is business. Do promotional products increase revenue? A study completed by ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) answers many of these questions.

Top Ten Promotional Products by Impressions

(Based on impressions per month)
1. Bags = 1038
2. Caps = 476
3. Shirts = 365
4. Writing Instruments = 363
5. Desk Accessories = 294
6. Glassware/Ceramics = 251
7. Calendars = 227
8. Awards = 221
9. Other = 192
10. Other wearables = 64

Do Promotional Products Drive Sales?

The facts would indicate they do, and not only that, they continue to drive sales for some time. Promotional products aren’t a one-time ad spot on local radio, TV, or print. They almost always outlast traditional advertising campaigns. The average specialty item is kept by its owner for seven months. That’s a lot of advertising. Here are some other facts from the ASI study.

  • 84% of end-users can name the advertiser
    • 62% do business with the advertiser AFTER receiving products
    • 64 times per month is how often writing instruments are used
    • 42% of end-users had a more favorable opinion of advertisers after receiving products

Do any of the Top Ten Promotional Products Match Your Brand?

It’s always good to match branded products to your industry. For example, if you market handyman tools, a branded screwdriver might be your best bet. If you sell software, a flash drive with your logo would be relevant and useful. However, if your industry doesn’t lend itself to specialty products, you can’t go wrong with the list above; they make a lasting impression. Contact Us, and we’ll share how we can help you impress your customers.