Although the holidays may be right around the corner, you still have plenty of time to choose holiday presents for your customers, employees, and vendors. We’ve all been last minute holiday shoppers, right? So, if there’s time, why should you order holiday promotional gifts now, isn’t it a little early?

Why Should I Order Now?

  • Save Money – To encourage clients to order before the holiday rush some manufacturers and suppliers offer pre-season discounts.
  • Get what you want – Sometimes the hot tickets, the most popular items, are sold out. Have you ever had to settle because the gift you wanted to give wasn’t available?
  • Find the best fit – Ordering before the seasonal rush gives you time to consider what products would be most appreciated. There’s time to casually survey customers and employees before you even open a catalog.
  • Relieve stress – Let’s face it, there are enough challenges during the season why not scratch one off before it gets hectic.

Where do I Start?

First think about who you’re including on your promotional gift list: customers, employees, vendors, or all three? Next, consider what each group would appreciate; as I mentioned, ask a few from each circle what they’d appreciate. You could ask what was the most memorable or useful gift they’ve received from a company, what they need, or what they want. Groups may be segmented into sub-groups, for example, different specialty gifts for clients based on the product or service you provide them.

What’s Popular this Year?    

Some promotional items are always popular, appreciated, and appropriate for this time of year such as holiday food items, greeting cards and ornaments, seasonal knickknacks, or calendars. Hot items this year include:

  • Electronics – From devices to accessories: emergency power banks, cell phone wallets with a card holder, and tablet stands.
  • Apparel – Hats, shirts, jackets, and vests seldom fail to bring good cheer.
  • Wellness products – Pedometers, specialized fitness cookbooks, healthy snacks, and water bottles all fit the lifestyle.

If you want to save money, reduce stress, and give the best gift possible now is the time to order your holiday promotional gifts. If you’d like some ideas let us know, we’ll help you make this season merry.