According to, in 2013 there were 25.7 million golfers in the USA. Twenty-five Million. It doesn’t take a genius to figure we’re in the heart of the golf season for most of America. There are tens of thousands of golf tournaments going on all across the country—charity events, company outings, and professional tours. Your business has 25.7 opportunities to promote your organization, product, or service to the golfing enthusiasts of America.

10. Balls – Can you have too many golf balls? Just think of it, a bag of balls with your logo reminding the golfer about your business with every swing.

9. Tees – Ever needed a tee and didn’t have one. Enough said?

8. Towels – Towels on the golf course are very “handy.”

7. Umbrella – Not only can it save a golfer from sunburn, but it can be seen all over the course.

6. Golf shoe bag – Once a golfer gets used to a shoe bag they don’t go back. And it can have your company and contact info printed on it.

5. Awards – Don’t forget how important awards can be. Sponsoring awards is a great way to get your name mentioned and remembered.

4. Head covers– They not only protect the clubs they look good—especially in your corporate colors.

3. Divot tools – They’re perfect for sharing your organizations information, it’s like a golfing business card.

2. Golf Bags – OK, golf bags aren’t cheap, but for that special client it might pay for itself.

And the number one answer is. Drum roll, please… Survey says…apparel. Golf shirts, caps, and jackets—name brand lines designed for hot summer days on the golf course. And the best part is they all have room for plenty of information about your organization. If you’d like to learn more about golf specialty products let us know. We’ll help you sink a hole in one—that’s par for the course for TKO.