Promotional products are a great way to reach and connect with your target audience. Done correctly advertising specialties help prospects remember your organization in a positive light. Done incorrectly, what the potential customer remembers about you may not be so good. Don’t make these promotional product mistakes.

10 Promotional Product Mistakes You Can Avoid

10. The product is offensive – We recently saw an organization change its logo from the company’s name to its initials. Unfortunately, the initials are also used as an offensive slang. Some who saw it laughed, others were upset. Be careful not to promote your company with any item that could be found offensive or over-the-top.

9. It doesn’t fit your brand – For example, a bank probably wouldn’t want a promotional screwdriver, and a remodeling contractor wouldn’t get much good out of a branded financial planner.

8. The product doesn’t reach your audience – Some products are universal—who doesn’t need a pen? But others are more focused. Be certain your promotional product is something your target audience will use and appreciate.

7. Sharing the wrong message – A T-shirt that says “John’s plumbing” doesn’t share much of a story, but a T-shirt printed with, “Johns Plumbing—call us at 1-800-800-8000 for 24 HOUR SERVICE” may bring new clients.

6. Not having a purpose – What’s the reason for your promotional items? Do you want prospects to sign up for your newsletter, visit your website, or call your sales department? Knowing the purpose of your product will help you chose the best product.

5. Using copyrighted material – We’re often asked if we can use the logo of a professional or collegiate sports team on a promotional product for a customer. Not without permission.

4. Not asking your audience what they want – If you want to offer the most valued advertising specialty products why not ask your customer base what they’d appreciate?

3. Waiting until the last minute – If you wait until the last minute to order promotional products for your golf outing, you’ll get exactly what you’d expect, the same-ole, same-ole last minute products. Plan ahead and hit a hole in one.

2. No distribution plan – You order a bunch of pens, refrigerator magnets, and ball caps and now you’re ready for whatever comes. Instead of a stack of ball caps, and pens sitting in a closet, plan your products to fit the distribution. Will salespeople give them to clients, is it SWAG for your trade show booth, how will it be used?

And the number one answer is, survey says… thinking cheap is best

There’s nothing wrong with saving money unless it affects the image of your organization. Saving money on an inferior product, that has your name on it, isn’t the image you want to project. Promotional product mistakes can be costly.

Promotional products are a proven low investment form of advertising that can be a positive and productive part of any advertising campaign—if you don’t make too many mistakes. If you’d like our advice make no mistake—we can help. Contact Us.