What will customers, prospects, vendors, and employees want in 2015? Here are a few of the hottest promotional offerings. Some of the top ten are newer items while some are traditional specialty product top producers. The overall top ten isn’t one-size-fits-all,  a lot of what will be your top ten depends on the industry, product or service, and customer; the most important of those three being your customer. You can’t go wrong with give-away promotional items that solve a problem or fill a need for your prospects and clients.

10.) Water Bottles. It may be an old school product, but it’s found a new life in multiple versions. There are plastic, metal, and glass bottles that deionize, filter, and insulate…all waiting for your logo.

9.) Umbrellas. Branding an umbrella with your company information only works if you don’t live in the desert. It’s also an item people keep for a long time.

8.) Writing instruments. Pens aren’t cutting edge, exciting, or state of the art—they’re just effective.

7.) Reflector bags and backpacks. More people carry backpacks than ever before. Bikers, hikers, and children wear them daily while sharing the roads with motorized vehicles. Reflector bags rock.

6.) Mini-speakers. Remember the other day when you wanted to share new music with your co-workers but they couldn’t hear it?

5.) Flash drives. Can you have enough? And they can be loaded with information, attached to cards, and are easily mailed.

4.) USB Hub. Tell the truth; mentioning it makes you want one doesn’t it?

3.) Branded clothing. Hats, shirts, and jackets are always near the top of the most desired and appreciated specialty items, and they will continue to be so.

2.) Power banks. Everyone carries multiple devices on the road. If you’re on a business trip, vacation, or in the midst of a power outage nothing beats a bank.

And the number one item is…Drum roll, please…

We don’t know. You do. The number one promotional product for 2015 is what works best for you and your clients. What fills the needs of you targeted audience? What captures your company’s culture, and what speaks about your industry? The answer to these questions is your answer to the number one specialty product for you. If you’d like to discuss your best fit contact us —you’re number one in our book.