We’ve shared posts about specialty products for pets, children, and women, but what about men? Are there specific promotional products more appealing to men? Are specialty products gender specific?  The answer is the majority of promotional SWAG is appropriate for all. Electronics, desk items, and drinkware are appreciated by everyone, male or female. However there a few products that do especially well with the male demographic.

Toolkits – There are hundreds of kits with general and specialized tools from lighted screwdrivers to power tools. Makes you want to grunt like it’s tool time doesn’t it?

BBQ sets – The grill has become one of man’s final food preparation domains. Sets include manly aprons, prongs, knives, giant forks, and wire brushes. Can you imagine your logo big and bright on the apron? Can’t you just smell the barbeque?

Billfold – I didn’t say wallet, but a manly back pocket billfold with places for credit cards, photos, and cash. For you youngster’s cash is something us old people carry.

Boxing glove stress ball – I want one, but I’m confused, do I squeeze or hit it?

Knives – Lock knives, pocket knives, and multi-tool Swiss Army knives. Men like knives. And these knives have your logo, name, and contact info. Maybe we should add an emergency number for accidental self-inflicted wounds.

Auto visor CD case – When men want their music—they want their music. Just think of it, every time the visor is lowered your brand is raised.

Beach Bodies Calendar – Think Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition except it’s a calendar, and it has your brand on every month.

Golf Accessories – Men that golf, appreciate tees, balls, bags and everything between. Can you have too much branded golf gear?

Lawn Care Equipment – Clippers, seeds, and long-handled tools with your imprint can “Rake” in the impressions.

And the number one answer is…drum roll, please.

Stuff made just for Men – Watches—two-tone designer and deep sea diver models, sunglasses—made to withstand hard impacts and built for men, apparel—shirts, jackets, and ball caps with manly sayings in manly sizes.

If you’d like to discuss more promotional products just for men…we can man up with you. Contact Us.