It’s that time of year again—summer vacation. The kids are out of school and you have two weeks of accrued vacation you haven’t taken. Or, you’re travelling across the country on business to visit customers, attend trade shows, and go to industry events. Either way, there are specialty products that can help ease the burden of travel, and not only for you, but your customers as well. Here’s 10 travel items that can be branded with your company logo that will appreciated by all.

  • Sunglasses – It’s summer. People are heading to the beach. They need protection from the glare in the air.
  • Drinkware -Travel mugs and glasses and thermos, and sports tumblers.
  • Multi-tool with a bottle opener. Remember that time you tried to open the beer bottle on the end table at the motel? That was a mess wasn’t it.
  • Luggage Tags- One of a kind bright colored, airplane shaped, or classic color-coordinated leather address tags. Your bag won’t look like five others.
  • Clear travel bags – TSA friendly bags to carry your personal items on board.
  • Sound stoppers – Ear buds and noise reducing head phones to protect you from the talkative traveler seated next to you on the plane, train, or bus.
  • Electronics – Compact power banks, multiple USB hubs, and for those travelling by car a USB charger and smart phone holder.
  • Comfort first –Start with an inflatable neck pillow. How many times would this have come in handy on a five hour flight or eight hour drive?
  • Personal care – Shoe shine kit, lint brush, tooth brush and paste holder, sewing kit, and stain remover stick—I wager you could have used them all at one time or another
  • Luggage – Wheeled travel bags and passport holders, wallets, and pouches and more.

It’s that time of year; when the kids are screaming from the back seat, the guy seated next to you on the plane is snoring louder than the turbines, and the first day at the beach it rained all day. But not every car trip, flight, or day at the beach turns sour. Especially if you have your branded noise muffling head phones, dark sunglasses with your company motto on the arms, and a logoed sports tumbler full of your favorite adult beverage. Life is good, but it’s better when branded.