Have you ever looked at a storage closet full of branded pens, T-shirts, or calendars and wondered how you could use them? If you have, you know they’re not doing a lot of good sitting on a shelf in a closet. Here are a few ways you can empty out that closet while improving marketing, and recognition.

How to Use Promotional Products

Trade shows – Promotional products can be used to draw people into your booth or as a call to action. Sign up and win!

Public relations – Offering branded items at golf outings and other events gives participants something to remember you by, which could turn from by to buy.

Premiums – A promotional product can be added as an enticement to purchase a product or service. For example, a new phone purchase could come with a complimentary branded power bank.

Employee recognition – Rewarding employees with trophies and gifts for reaching milestones is a positive way to build a company culture of encouragement.

Not-for-profit programs – Helping Not-for-Profits with appropriate advertising specialty products aligns your organization with the charity creating a positive image.

New product introduction – If you want to make an impact with a new product roll-out, try adding a promotional product.

Customer appreciation – Promotional products are an excellent way to thank your customers. Customers that are recognized and appreciated tend to stay loyal as well as refer prospects.

Incentives – Need a way to push the sales team to new levels, help production cut down on waste, or induce shipping to reduce costs? Consider offering a promotional incentive as a reward.

Branding – By aligning promotional products with your brand you add to the public’s awareness of who you are and what you do.

And the number one answer is…survey says…Lead Generation

The truth is all 10 could be number one at some time or another, but when advertising specialty products generate leads they can pay for themselves. And there is crossover—does a branded pen lead to a sales call? Sometimes. Could a T-shirt given away at a charity event turn into a lead? Happens all the time. Could a customer appreciation gift lead to a referral? You bet it can.

How do you use promotional products?

Do you use PP’s as incentives and rewards with your staff? Do you give away prizes and gifts at trade shows and product introductions? What are you not doing of these 10? Should it be added to your advertising or marketing strategy? If you’d like to discuss it contact us, we’re positive about promotions.