A professional promotional consultant can save you time, money, and embarrassment. Years ago a music retailer held an annual extravaganza. Employees, vendors, and music industry leaders attended. Top notch entertains performed. It was an exclusive music industry event. One of the products displayed was a new style of display case to hold CD’s. All of the collateral material and promotional products used to advertise this display called it Attarktive—in big bold letters. I think they meant attractive.

Marketing know-how

A professional consultant will help you understand your ultimate purpose, who your key audience is, what products will best reach them, and fit it into your budget.

Product experience

Sure you can go online and purchase a pen or a mug, but do you know which ones are the highest quality, who delivers on-time, what providers have poor track records? Think Attarktive.

Trending information

It’s a consultants job to know what’s new, in demand, and hot. They know and can help you be a trender.

Personal touch

Talking to a human being is part of it, but it’s more than that. If your promotional products do the job you’ll be back. It’s having a person with your best interests in mind.

Relationship building

A consultant doesn’t want to work with you once; they want to work with you for years on hundreds of promotions. And over time they get to know who you are and what you need.

Program development

Whether it’s an online store, fulfillment program, or product initiatives a professional consultant can help you make it happen.

Money Savings

Wait, isn’t a consultant going to cost more? In the long run… usually not. Professionals establish relationships with vendors, they understanding shipping, and they know the hidden costs to avoid.

Distribution expertise

Experienced consultants not only know what products will help you reach your goals, but how to distribute them.

Time management

Let’s face it, getting online and scrounging through hundreds of products, trying to understand minimums, extra charges, and shipping—let alone what to do with art work—is time consuming. Let the consultant handle it for you.

And the number one reason to work with a promotional products professional consultant?

It’s Fun

Instead of becoming the annual drudgery of deciding on trade show promotional products a profession consultant takes away the pain and replaces it with F.U.N.

If these ten reasons aren’t enough to inspire you to contact a pro promo person I don’t know what would, but if you’re ready give us a shout we’ll help you save your… assets.