We’ve all experienced the disappointment of a website that doesn’t deliver. Sites, which are too slow, confusing, or difficult to navigate, are usually discarded for a competitor’s site in a very short time. Consumers don’t have a lot of patience. If you want a chance at capturing your target audience avoid these ten website no-no’s

  1. 404-404-404. No broken links. Just say no! It can happen, but the millisecond it does the webmaster needs to be on it.
  2. We just Received the Brand New 2008 Models! I’ve seen sites where the organization had rebranded or changed locations, but the site didn’t reflect the new data. Dude…
  3. Speed Kills. And…I mean kills in a good way. No slow sites. Prospects will only wait a short time before proceeding to your competitor.
  4. Lost in Space. Poor navigation tools, missing site maps, and confusing layouts. Every page should flow. Navigation should make sense.
  5. The Orphanage – All pages should link to the homepage. Don’t leave a single page out in the cold.
  6. Designed by Committee. Or worse. The typography—colors, fonts, and images should all work together to enhance the professionalism of the site not fight each other for attention.
  7. Anti-Social. The site should connect to all social media networks used by the organization. The social buttons should be easy to find and use.
  8. KeyWordKeyWordKeyWord. Only Turkeys need stuffing. Keyword stuffing is an outdated black hat method of SEO gaming that is no longer relevant. Keyword ridden content isn’t effective—it’s annoying.
  9. Search and Research. Knowing what the target audience is searching for is the first step in delivering what they want, and that begins with keyword research. Knowing what works and doesn’t is your map; analytics should be reviewed at least once per month.

And the Number One Mistake is…. Drum roll, please…

  1. Nothing New to Say. There’s a blog on the site, but the last post is three months old. There are no case studies, downloads, white papers, or eBooks. Creating and sharing useful, problem-solving, well-written content enhances SEO more than any other single act. And isn’t ranking key?

That’s our TKO Top Ten Website mistakes. If you have any of these problems or could use advice on how to avoid these pitfalls, contact our team—we won’t redirect you.