Have you ever visited a booth at a trade show that had a table that wasn’t covered? When you saw the naked table what did you think? Did it look incomplete, poorly done, and unprofessional? When I see this, I wonder if they forgot their trade show table cover or spilled something on it earlier that day because without a table throw it looks like a display at an 8th-grade science fair, and that’s probably being unkind to the science fair.

What’s Available?

There are many types of trade show table covers to choose from, and one will fit your needs perfectly.

  • There are 4-sided or full tablecloths, 3-sided table throws, and covers, which unlike a cloth or throw, are fitted to the table.
  • Most are made for eight-foot tables, but other sizes can be special ordered.
  • The cloths come in multiple base colors and can be printed upon.
  • Print can be one color such as white, blue, green, or they can be printed in full color. Dye sublimation is used as well as digital print.

A Table Without a Trade Show Table Cover is a Naked Table 

A table without a cover is like having a trade show display frame work without any graphics. Covering a table adds to the appearance of your booth and your brand. Tables are usually placed prominently in trade show booths, which make them the perfect place to share your logo, call to action, or tagline.

When no cover or throw is placed on a table, not only is it flat out ugly, but also an advertising opportunity has been missed.

Are You Covered?

So, if you don’t currently have cloths for your tables what are you waiting for? Isn’t it about time to dress up your booth with a stunning tablecloth that promotes your brand? If you’d like to view a few cloths and throws go here, Trade Show Tablecloths, because we’ve got you covered!