Last year we shared traditional Halloween specialty products in this post Your Company and Promotional Halloween Products, but what if you want something…different. How about unusual, unexpected or even—scary? Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with pencils, bags, and branded candy, all these treats do the trick. But what if you want a desirable specialty product, with your name and logo on it, that no one else is giving away?

Other Treats

You could give jack-o-lantern stress balls to your customers to squeeze away their stress and fear, scary monster faced wrist bands, or a synthetic blood energy drink in an IV bag. Have you considered branded Halloween T-shirts? (Who doesn’t appreciate a T-shirt?) Shirts with images of witches, skull and crossbones’ or goblins wouldn’t scare away any customers. How about a custom printed mask of a zombie wearing a ball cap with your name and logo printed on the cap? Maybe give away a skull mug to all your vampire friends to drink warm blood (or coffee, tea, and cocoa) on a cool autumn night.

More Tricks

If these ideas are a little too gruesome, a Halloween coloring book or zombie socks might be more appropriate. You could give away Halloween mini-bubbles, pillar candles, or glow sticks. How about a mustache on a stick with your name digitally printed on the stick?

Whether you opt for traditional Halloween specialty products or something a bit more…bizarre, it’s time to put your order in. Are you ready to treat your customers with a trick? If we can be of service, if you’d like some spooky ideas, contact us we’ll try not to haunt you.