Have you ever waited in line at a food truck in the winter? I’m not talking about a brisk, yet sunny, early November day. I mean the dead of winter with snow swirling around your legs in 20 MPH gusts and a wind chill factor below the point where penguins decide it’s time to huddle? I have…once. Winter cold isn’t only a concern for food truck customers it’s a problem for proprietors as well. There aren’t a lot of heated indoor parking spots available for food trucks. I guess they could head south for the winter or…

Make it Easy to Order Online

Big Ron, of Big Ron’s Bistro, asked TKO marketing Services this question. “What can we do to make it easier and more comfortable for our customers when ordering from our menu?” Our answer was to offer simple and efficient online ordering; make it easy to pre-order and pay online. Why wait in the cold, risking pneumonia, when with a click of the mouse food can be pre-ordered and waiting for you? For that matter, why wouldn’t hungry guests use this convenience any time of year—not just when it’s 10 degrees below freezing?

Developing the Website

Kevin Greek, and the Marketing Services team, developed a website for Big Ron’s bistro that’s too-the-point and easy to use. The Big Ron’s Bistro site uses PayPal and Woo Commerce to make the online ordering hassle-free. Created on WordPress, the website is accessible for Ron to easily edit the menu, catering, and truck schedule. Using these established web tools helps make ordering from Big Ron’s a simple e-commerce transaction that won’t leave you out in the cold.

Unless you bring your lunch, or have it delivered, you’re going to go out in the cold to get your food. From your office to the car and your car to the restaurant you’ll face whatever Mother Nature has to throw your way. But don’t take Big Ron’s off your winter lunch menu list. Just because Big Ron is out in the cold doesn’t mean you have to attempt to use the truck as a wind-break huddled against a blizzard. Order ahead and miss the frigid wait, unless of course you like the cold.

If you want to learn more about how our Marketing Services team can help you solve your customer’s problems with simple web based solutions contact us. We won’t give you a snow job.