Have you been to a trade show and it seemed every other booth had the same giveaway products? The same dull branded pens, a bowl of breath mints, and water bottles? Not that those aren’t fine products, but how many does one trade show attendee need? So ask yourself this, what promotional products would set you and your organization apart from the crowd? It might be something a little out of the ordinary. It might be something…unusual.

Health and Beauty

How about hot and cold eye masks branded with your company logo over each eye. My wife wears one every night. I see the mask every morning. Wait—could it be she doesn’t want to look at me first thing in the morning? You could offer a branded a bicycle odometer—cycling is in right now. Or maybe a light up safety armband? There are digital jump ropes and glow in the dark backpacks. There are even DNA and fingerprint kit that families can use for protection, which would be perfect for any business involved in security or safety.


Did you know you can create your own branded water? Even better, it’s not limited to bottled water. Nearly any beverage can be branded including…beer. OK, so beer may not be the best thing to give away at a trade show, but there are places where a branded 64 ounce growler or a company bottle of IPA would not only be appropriate—it would be appreciated and remembered. Oh and while you’re at it, you could hand out sunglasses that have a bottle opener on the side; for the beach party ya know.

At the Office

For the home office or travel workspace how about a retractable, lighted, and multiple connection USB? Highlighters in various shapes with plenty of room for print—triangles, globes, and animal cut-outs would be different, fun, and come in handy. Smart phone stands, computer bags, and styluses would be perfect at a tech show. Why not give away utility lanyards with multiple attachments at the next conference?

Just for Fun

Give away a boomerang to customers that keep coming back. Or a bungee rocket—you ever played with one of these? They’re addictive. You could share mood pencils or fly a dancing kite over you both and give them away. That would make for some crazy yet effective SWAG. Collapsible travel cups, bingo dabbers, and branded board games are all F-U-N.

The Potential is Unlimited

There are thousands of fun and creative promotional products available. What could you give your customers that would set you apart? The only limits are the sky and your imagination. If you’d like to learn more about unusual specialty products reach out to us, we’ll help you out of the box.