Don’t get me wrong I’ve given my share of flowers and cards on Valentine’s Day, I probably will buy both for my wife this year. There’s nothing wrong with cards or flowers on Valentine’s Day. It’s just that there are two other promotional products that are as good and in some cases better than cards and flowers for Valentine’s Day SWAG

When I think about cards and flowers on Valentine’s Day I think of romance, and romance isn’t the message most businesses want to send to clients, is it?  So, what are good alternatives to flowers and cards for Valentine’s Day Promotional Products? Hearts and candy and candy hearts are.

Candy and Hearts

Candy and Hearts make great promotional products to give to clients, employees, and vendors. For example, Hershey’s Kisses are the perfect Valentine’s give away advertising specialty product. There are kisses in large jars, tubes, round tins, window tins, small canisters and more. Because, can anyone ever get enough kisses? And besides kisses, there are thousands of sizes, shapes, and types of candy to choose from.

Put your Heart Into It!

Have a heart and give a heart. There are heart-shaped stress relievers, cookie cutters, pill boxes, letter openers, clips, emory boards, and heart-shaped key chains. If those don’t float your boat, there are tye dyed heart-shaped T-shirts, heart-shaped hand fans, and red foam hearts.

Give from the Heart this Valentine’s Day 

Like I said – there’s nothing wrong with cards and flowers. I think my favorite card is one with a heart shaped frame designed to drop in a photo. There might be a perfect card for you and your business. For that matter, you might find a wonderful flower as well, but don’t overlook candy and hearts. They’re sweet, universally liked, and easy to share. If you’d like to look at a few Valentine’s Day promotional products, click here TKO Marketing Solutions Valentine’s Day SWAG. Whether you have a sweet tooth or a big heart we can help.

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