Remember the third grade when that special someone gave you a Valentine’s Day card? It didn’t matter that he or she gave a card to every other student in the class it was special to you. And how about that time in fifth grade when two moms made heart-shaped cupcakes! That was awesome, wasn’t it?

Be First with Your Customers

Valentine’s Day is a chance to stand out and be awesome. I could share the statistics but you already know most businesses, especially B2B, send cards, and baskets, and presents to customers on Christmas. There’s no way around it, if you’re in B2B, you need to send winter holiday gifts, but you’re just one of many. Your package of specialty nuts or chocolate treats may not even be the first opened. But on Valentine’s Day, yes Valentine’s Day, you’re package is the only one under the tree…I mean under cupid’s arrows.

Valentines is more than Cards

There will always be a place for valentine cards and balloons, but there is much more you can give. There are red, heart-shaped, candy boxes, pedometers, pill boxes, and stress balls. You can send your favorite client a heart-shaped, collapsible water bottle or a light up blinking heart. Your employee might like red foil wrapped chocolate hearts or how about a heart-shaped tape measure!? There are Valentine’s cards and gifts that will represent you perfectly to your customers, vendors, and team.  If you’d like to learn more contact us. We have our “heart” set on helping you with this holiday!