I have several vests, one was given to me more than 10 years ago. It’s reversible with fleece on one side, heavy nylon on the other, and it’s insulated. It has zippered pockets on both sides. On the back there’s a flap that covers the top half, which has three Velcro tabs at the bottom, so it can be loosened revealing a mesh covering. Although it doesn’t come loose at the top, I’ve always thought it was for increased ventilation. I could be wrong.

I wear it every winter when it’s at or below freezing, and in Indiana, that’s a lot of days. Because the average temperature for Indianapolis in January is 25 degrees. So, there are a lot of freeze days here. There’s one more thing on my 10-year-old vest – the logo of the company that gave it to me. I’ve fondly remembered the business every winter for more than 10 years, and countless others have seen it, many asking where I got it. I’d say that’s a good return on investment for a 10-year-old promotional product, wouldn’t you?

Types of Vests

There are hundreds of styles of vests to choose from, and all the top brands are available, Columbia, Port Authority, North Face, and Eddie Bauer to name a few.

  • They’re available in fleece, nylon, mesh, and more.
  • You can order waterproof, down filled, puffy vests, and V-neck sweater vests
  • They come in all sizes, men’s, women’s, and children’s
  • One of my favorites is microfiber because it’s warm yet lightweight and soft
  • Mesh and nylon are available in fluorescent orange and yellow for safety

10 Years and Counting

Whatever style best fits your organization, culture, and clients, all vests have plenty of space for your logo. The best advertising specialty products are used for years. My wintertime branded vest has been with me for more than ten years. I’d say that it was a darn good in “vest” ment for the business who gave it to me.

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Photo Credit: Unsplash Photos Mitch Walker