Are you looking for something new, unique, or different for your next trade show, open-house, or event? Do you want to give your customers, prospects, and vendors something no one else is giving them? Have you considered giving them a book? Not just any book but a book with your logo, tagline, and call-to-action, all in your corporate colors.

What Kind of Books? 

  • Coloring books – Do you know how many people would love to give coloring book to their child, niece, or nephew? Heck, I still enjoy them, don’t you?
  • Journals and memo pads– Blank pages to keep work activities, take notes at a convention or business meeting, or use as a personal diary. Want to keep track of what you ate on the new diet? Jot it in a specialty branded notebook.
  • Cook books – What’s your favorite cuisine, BBQ, sweets, salads? Why not share holiday recipes during the holidays? You could even share the latest diet craze in a cook book with your logo on the cover. Published by the (your company name) corporation!
  • Safety and fire—Most of these books are aimed towards children, but they are appreciated and valuable to any demographic.
  • Activity books – Games and puzzles for the kids or how about crosswords and jumbles for the big people?

Are you Ready to be Booked?

People like books. There’s something comforting about a book. The weight in your hand, the smell of the ink, and the texture and feel of the cover all add up for an experience we remember. Want your customers to remember you? Maybe it’s time to throw the book at them! If you’d like to learn more about specialty products in general and specifically about promotional books let us know. We have your answer on page 37. It’s in our book.