How many polo shirts do you own? I have a dozen or more. I own three or four TKO Graphix branded polos and one or two from my previous employer (and think about this, I’ve been with TKO for nine years.) And I have two or three from race teams, a couple of basketball emblazoned shirts – pro and college, two Indianapolis Colts, and one golf club (and I don’t golf!)

Do You Have to Play Polo to Wear Polo Shirts?

Nearly everybody likes polo shirts, even those of us who have never been to a match. (So, is a Polo game called a match – is it even called a game?) 76% of women surveyed by ASI said they kept Polo shirts because the shirts were attractive. Millennials averaged owning one polo shirt, GenXers three, and Boomers – well … we own more than three. Some of us own a lot more than three.

Polo shirts are kept an average of 13 months. However, many of those are given a second life at a thrift store. In those 13 months, they receive an average of 2,300 impressions. So, if the branded shirt cost $10 and garners 2,300 impressions that’s less than ½ cent per impression. That’s what you call cost-effective advertising.

Marco! Polo!

Because there are so many choices of shirts, it’s almost overwhelming. There are Nike Pro-fit micro pique polo shirts and Adidas performance polos. How about ladies sleeveless Pumas or a men’s Callaway core performance polo? What do you think your clients and employees would appreciate?

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Polo Shirt Etiquette

  • Never wear an undershirt under a polo shirt – it bunches up
  • Wear them fitted but not too tight
  • Fit the shirt to your height – it shouldn’t hang to your knees
  • Don’t pop up the collar. Really don’t
  • Do not wear a polo shirt under a blazer
  • Avoid gigantic logos. Logos are fine, but if they’re too large they come off as gaudy
  • Tuck or no tuck? It depends, with shorts probably no tuck, with slacks tuck it and belt it

Advice on polo shirts from the  Gentleman’s Gazette Polo Shirt Guide

Don’t Go Solo on Polo

You don’t have to go it alone when trying to choose the perfect shirt for your brand. Our team of promotional product experts would love to help you find the polo’s that are just right for you. If we can answer any questions or help you pick a polo,  Contact Us.

So, is there a special shirt for water polo? Asking for a friend.

Photo by Paul Chambers on Unsplash