I’m going to make a … wait for it … “blanket” statement. Blankets make great promotional products for almost any business. I can’t think of a business that wouldn’t benefit from adding promotional blankets to their lineup of advertising specialty  giveaways. Here are four reasons blankets rock as SWAG.

They’re Useful

Promotional blankets are useful. Especially when a customer, employee, or prospect is shivering in the cold. Think about this, have you ever attended a football game in the cold? Would a stadium blanket have made you more comfortable and the game more enjoyable? I know it would for me.

There’s Lots of Space to Advertise

Even smallish promotional blankets are usually around four feet by five feet, and that’s probably larger than some of your businesses signage. Am I right?

Not only could you print a lot of information on promotional blankets such as name, logo, tagline, call to action, contact information, and image, but you could also limit the copy and use supersized fonts that can be seen a block away. Well, maybe not a block, but you know what I mean.

People Keep Blankets Forever

Okay, maybe not forever but a long time that’s for certain. I tried to find how long blankets last but the closest I got was a report from NBC News on comforters. The study advised that comforters should last 15 to 25 years. I know we have blankets at home we’ve had since before we were married, and that’s 27 years. My wife has a couple of quilts made by her grandmother.

Here’s the thing. Let’s take a conservative guess and say promotional blankets are kept for 10 years (I have one from a cancer walk that is close to that and I use it every day) that’s 10 years of impressions, 10 years of comfort, 10 years of getting your name out there.

Promotional Blankets Add Joy

The promotional blanket I just mentioned is from the American Cancer Society. I volunteered for a Relay for Life. I didn’t expect any reward when I received the blanket, but I appreciate it for two reasons. First, it reminds of the good we did, and secondly, it is the comfiest blanket ever! It’s a purple velvet top (my favorite color) with an embossed  American Cancer Society logo and fleece inside. It just feels … cozy. It puts a smile on my face every day and has done so for several years.

Funny thing, I bought another blanket like this one, and although it’s velvet with a fleece lining it isn’t the same. It doesn’t have the history or meaning of my purple blankie.

Are You Ready to add Promotional Blankets to Your Swag?

Promotional blankets are useful, practical, and they offer loads of space for promotion. Blankets are kept for a long time, because they’re practical, and sometimes for sentimental value. If you’d like to view a few promotional blankets, we have you “covered.” Click here to view hundreds of options, Promotional Blankets.