Does your company have branded apparel? How about T-shirts or hats as special event giveaways? Because if you do, great, but if not — you may be missing a marketing opportunity. Promotional clothing can be an excellent branding tool. Wearable advertising is a great way to broadcast your brand.

What is Wearable Advertising?

Promotional apparel is any piece of clothing printed with your logo, tagline, or contact information to promote your brand. Polo, sweatshirts, T-shirts, outerwear, activewear, and sweaters can be used to market your company.

How Do I Attach My Logo?

There are a couple of options, but the most common methods are embroidery and screen print. Your logo can be shared in a digital file and then processed for print or embroidery.

With So Many Apparel Choices, How Do I Choose?

Ask yourself what would your customer wear? If you owned a pro golf shop, most customers would likely appreciate a golf shirt with your logo. If you worked with outdoorsmen, branded headgear could be a great option. Do you work in an industry where people work outside a lot? If so, outerwear may be desirable. Do your prospects wear a coat and tie? How about a dress shirt then? Think about what would appeal to your demographic, because promo apparel isn’t much good hanging in a closet. And keep this in mind, just about everyone wears T-shirts.

When Should I Use Promotional Apparel?

You can use promotional apparel at trade shows and events. Dressing your team in matching attire sends a professional message to consumers and helps brand your product. Anytime employees work with the public, branded apparel adds to your company’s image.

Not only could you dress your team, but you could dress prospects too. At a recent major trade show, I noticed hundreds of people wearing the same branded T-shirt. I went to the vendor’s booth and saw them happily handing out T-shirts to anyone who would wear it over their shirt. Brilliant — they had people advertising for them.

Fundraisers, local school events, and community activities are also excellent venues for wearable advertising.

Promotional apparel is one of the least expensive and most cost-effective forms of marketing available, if you know your customer, and then choose a product they like, they’ll wear it for years to come. The ROI of promotional clothing lasts far beyond the initial exposure.

If you’d like to know what is available in quality promotional apparel, Contact Us, we’d love to dress you up.

About TKO Marketing Solutions

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