Domed decals are composed of printed adhesive vinyl attached to a surface and covered with a polyurethane dome. Various adhesive vinyls may be used to match the substrate.

How Are Domed Decals Made?

The most common domed decals are produced in geometric shapes—square, oblong, oval, or rectangular. However, they may be fabricated in any shape.  The vinyl is digitally printed, and they may be designed for indoor or outdoor use. Domes are composed of a non-yellowing, clear polyurethane often with UV inhibitors added. The dome is scratch resistant and is nearly impossible to dent—it bounces back from applied pressure. The dome surface magnifies and highlights the image.

How Can Domed Decals Be Used?

The uses for domed decals are nearly endless—they can be used just about anywhere a label, sticker, or small decal is used. Domed decals are found on appliance handles, automobile emblems, and computers. They can be used as standalone buttons or for identification such as serial and model numbers. Domed decals are used for product labels, promotional decals, and information stickers. They’re used on instruments and amplifiers, light fixtures, and home décor. Anything can be turned into a promotional item with a simple dome decal. We keep some around when we need a quick gift or giveaway like the jar of cashews above.

There May Be Uses No One Has Thought of — Yet!

There isn’t a sticker, label, or small decal that couldn’t be enhanced by doming. Regardless of the product, whether it’s retail or business-to-business, domed decals add another level of professionalism to any logo, emblem, or ID. If you’d like to discuss domed decals, we’d be happy to chat. We can share ideas, who knows; we may have an epiphany, maybe the dome “light” will come on. if you have any questions please Contact Us .