Promotional Totes—it’s in the Bag!

Does your organization give away specialty products at events? Do you share SWAG at trade shows, outings, and new product introductions? If so, wouldn’t it be important to know what promotional products give you the most bang for the buck? Although what works for one organization or industry may not fit another there is one product that gets the overall most impressions of any specialty product—and it ain’t pens. It’s totes and bags.

How do Totes Bag it?

According to Advertising Specialty institute, 34% of Americans own promotional bags and keep them two years or longer. The average tote or bag receives 5,700 impressions and that’s impressive. Bags are carried to the store, events, and outings. They’re used where crowds congregate. They’re seen and appreciated by many. Even though totes and bags lead the field for impressions it doesn’t mean you stop using promotional products that have traditionally worked for you. Whether it’s apparel, pens, or office products that have driven your specialty product initiatives keep using them—but put them in a tote; take your promotions one step further by placing all of your SWAG in a bag.

Totally Totes

There are hundreds of totes from everyday grocery totes to oversized cotton carriers. Totes come large and small, they’re available in fabric and polypropylene, with pockets, and double strapped—the combinations are endless and there’s plenty of space for your company’s logo, tagline, and call to action.

Beautiful Bags

So many bags and so few hands to carry them: Messenger bags, laptop bags, and drawstring packs are popular. Backpacks and duffels are nothing more than big bags, aren’t they? There are sling packs and traditional bags all ready and waiting be printed with your promotional information.

Bag the Big one

For your next promotion consider how bags may enhance the event. Offering clients and prospects a tote full of toys could mean more than any single specialty give-away. Who knows, a tote could be the way to your next big customer’s heart. If you’d like to learn more contact us, we’ll bag it up for you.