TKO Team Talk: Amy Thomas from TKO Marketing Solutions  shared her excitement with me after visiting a DGT (Direct to Garment) printer. Amy was very enthusiastic about the operation and what it can deliver. Then she showed me an example of their work. It was impressive.

What is Direct to Garment Printing?

Historically printing on textiles has been accomplished with screen print. DGT printing uses modern digital technology—picture your baseball team uniform, event t-shirt, or company uniform being printed on an inkjet printer, and you have the idea.

What are the Advantages?

With DGT, the graphic design is digitally printed directly onto the textile all at one time. With screen, print colors are printed one at a time, which means adding colors to the process adds time and money. Other advantages of DGT include:

  • Multiple colors with one printing
  • Faster than screen print
  • Depending on quantity, design, and number of colors DGT may be less expensive
  • Produces high definition images
  • More creative possibilities
  • Easier to match colors from previous printings

How can it be used?

DGT print can replace screen print on any apparel. Any flat surfaced textile can be printed on directly. T-shirts, athletic ware, and logoed company issue can all be printed DGT. If your business or organization has apparel of any sort, promotional T-shirts, jackets, ball caps, or uniforms, DTG print opens up a wealth of possibilities.

If you’d like to learn more about DGT print contact us and ask for Amy, she’s excited about the possibilities of DGT print. Heck, come on in and she’ll show some examples. She’s pretty “direct” herself.