Everyone has seen, used, and collected pocket folders. The most popular style has been the standard two pocket square cut folder—nothing wrong with those…but so much more can be done. And isn’t the point of a branded pocket folder to create a memorable brand image?

Pocket Folder Options

Pocket folders don’t have to be square. They can be die cut into unlimited shapes, rounded edges, pockets shaped into logos, or multiple cuts. Pockets can include CD/DVD cuts with Velcro, business card slits, and flash drive holders.

Printing isn’t limited to the front and back of the folder, inside covers and pockets may be printed as well. Printing may be 4-color process for colorful designs or offset printed for designs with only a few colors.

Other Print Options

  • Embossing – Raised letters add an elegant look and feel to pocket folders.
  • Foil finish – Adding foil to logos and letters makes a folder look rich and appealing.
  • Spot U.V. – A subtle effect where portions of the design are glossy, and others are matte.

Lamination and Finish Options

Laminating the finished products adds protection and beauty to a pocket folder. It’s the finishing touch.

  • Gloss – Bold and bright, gloss heightens colors and design.
  • Semi-gloss – Softens reflection for a smooth and elegant finish.
  • Matte – Non-reflective for a cool, professional look.
  • Textile – Cloth finishes include linen, vellum, and felt for a warm yet hard wearing finish.

With the myriad of options available for pocket folders, a professional designer can create a pocket folder that fits your image. Die cuts, paper stocks, and lamination can be used to highlight your industry niche. The only limit is you, and your designers imagination. If you’d like a few ideas, we’d be happy to explore it with you and I’m sure we can make it fit your “pocket” book.